Empowered Voices Project
Providing a critical boost to a campaign or activist to help drive them and their issue to impact and victory.
"This project is desperately needed to lift voices where their message needs to be heard most. By increasing media diversity in the stories we hear, the Center for Impact Communications is helping change the conversation on important issues facing this nation."

- JOAN BLADES, co-founder of MOVEON.ORG
The Empowered Voices Project aims to give media profile and a megaphone to those advocating on issues that affect them and their communities directly. The CFIC was created to lift up those underserved voices, and get them heard where they will have the most impact.

With a focus on people of color, women, immigrants, the global south, and other marginalized communities the Empowered Voices Project lifts up these voices and provides intensive strategic focus.

The EVP provides a critical boost to exceptional changemakers by lifting their profiles. It gets their stories heard where they will have the most impact, and provides a strategic boost to their communications, campaign and cause.

It lifts up underrepresented voices in the media and scales their impact by providing critical support at a time in their journey when access to top tier resources and networks would usually be out of reach. A small intervention at this stage can elevate them to become global leaders on their issue.

Due to security concerns surrounding some of our Empowered Voices fellows, we do not make the current list of participants public. Contact us for access.
Already have access? Click here to view list of participants.
The Empowered Voices Project works to achieve its aims by:

1) lifting the profile and elevating the stories of outstanding changemakers and their issues;

2) increasing media diversity by elevating under-represented voices in the media including women and people of color;

3) providing world class communications and public relations support to key changemakers and grassroots organizations who need it most, at no cost;

4) providing narrative training, content production and campaign strategy to individuals and groups directly impacted by the issues they work on.

Applications to join the Empowered Voices Project are filled on a rolling basis.
To apply please contact us here.
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Amika George started campaigning for the government to provide free period products after learning girls were using newspapers, toilet roll and socks to cope with their periods and missing school each month [read more]
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Somalia has birthed some of the most visible members of the fight for social justice here in the U.S. and abroad, including Minnesota congressperson Ilhan Omar and Galkayo Education Centre for Peace and Development founder Hawa Aden Mohamed. Perhaps the youngest of these leaders is 29-year-old Ilwad Elman, a Somali-Canadian activist... [read more]
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Though Greta Thunberg has undoubtedly been the most uttered name in the realm of activism making her a leading contender for the Nobel Peace Prize, two high-achieving Muslim women are hot on her heels. Last week, Libyan law student and activist, Hajer Sharief... [read more]

In the wake of last year's coal-fueled climate talks in Poland, Alexandria Villaseñor began a solitary protest in front of the United Nations. She was following in the footsteps of Swedish teen Greta Thunberg, and their solitary strikes quickly built one of the most prolific climate movements in the world as students have repeatedly gone on strike around the world...[read more]
Thrive Global
I define leadership as service. I believe that the greatest thing you can do as an individual on earth is to be of service to others. I believe the greatest leaders view their work as service. One of my inspirations, for example, is the great Wangari Maathai, who was the first African woman to win… [read more]
Evening Standard
I was invited to the prestigious Women of the Year Lunch on Monday. I know. It was a shock to me too. I thought I may be serving the drinks. I often dread such gatherings, as sometimes these highly woke, alpha female "achievement" events can end up... [read more]
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