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The Center for Impact Communications helps individuals working within the social change and advocacy space by offering a range of services, from training to connections and resources. Fellows at the CFIC are typically researchers or practitioners looking to advance the impact of their work through increased familiarity with best practice and practical assistance with current or prospective projects. If you are interested in becoming a Fellow, please get in touch by emailing good[at] with "CFIC Fellow Inquiry" in the subject line, or click "Apply" below.
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Dr Kahreen Tebeau
Dr. Kahreen Tebeau
Experienced Conservation and Health Policy Researcher, Analyst, Writer, and Advocate in government, non-profit, and for-profit arenas. Ph.D. from Yale University in Political Science and Public Policy.

Kahreen Tebeau is the author, with Ian Shapiro, of After Apartheid: Reinventing South Africa? which chronicled South Africa's achievements and challenges since the transition from Apartheid. The volume's contributions represent the state of the art in the study of South African politics, economics, law, and social policy.

She has a Ph.D. from Yale University in Political Science and has worked professionally in public policy for the past 9+ years across a variety of sectors (academia, government, non-profit, and corporate). She has taught at Portland State University and Willamette University and is a Policy Analyst for the State of Oregon, having honed her skills in research, analysis, and communications, including reports, articles, summaries, briefs, memos, webinars, and presentations. Her focus is a number of public policy areas, including health policy, housing policy, foreign policy, macro-economic policy, and tax/redistributive policy.

Kahreen's research has focused on the inequalities of the distribution of wealth in South Africa. In particular the African National Congress's failure to represent the interest of its poorer constituents. While the ANC claims to represent the black Africans majority in South Africa, it has failed to address the needs of those living in the most dire poverty with greater distributive policies. In fact, some would argue that inequalities have increased since the ANC took power in 1994. Her research explains why the ANC hasn't redistributed more by looking at intra-party politics, addressing why the ANC has not reached out to this significant portion of the population, and why they have not needed to, despite being democratically elected.

As part of her CFIC Fellowship, Kahreen has worked on the intersection of two of her loves: Oregon sports and impacting public policy. She researched and authored a feature article for CFIC Project 'Weekend Caucus':

Sample Project:

The Team That Said 'I Do'

How one small sports franchise had a big impact on marriage equality. "Let's try a quick game: Guess the first professional sports team to publicly support marriage equality in the US. Don't look it up or skip ahead. Here's a hint — it happened way back in October 2013. Give it a go...." [Read More:]
Dr Jason Wojciechowski
Jason Wojciechowski, Media Impact
Jason has built social change campaigns with a traditional and new media focus for over a decade with special attention to impact as measured against a Theory of Change.

Jason is the Media Impact Fellow for the Center for Impact Communications. His work looks at the ways media coverage, entertainment and visual content drive public attitudes and social shifts. Jason's forthcoming research investigates images used in traditional and social media and how they influence attitudes about issues including famine and child soldiers. He wrote about these issues in his capacity as creative lead for the social change workshop Corelab.
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