Empowered Voices Project
Providing a critical boost to a campaign or activist to help drive them and their issue to impact and victory.
"This project from the Center for Impact Communications is desperately needed. It is critical to lifting grassroots voices out of obscurity and into the limelight, where their message will be heard by the people who most need to hear it.

By increasing media diversity in the stories we hear, the CFIC will help change the conversation on important issues facing this nation."

- JOAN BLADES, co-founder of MOVEON.ORG
The most impactful campaigns are communicated by those directly affected by the issue. The CFIC was created to lift up those underserved voices, and get them heard where they will have the most impact.

With a focus on people of color, women, immigrants, the global south, and other marginalized voices, the Empowered Voices Project lifts up underrepresented voices. It aims to give media profile and a megaphone to those advocating on issues that affect them and their communities directly.

By taking best practice media campaigns on how to motivate an intended target to action and frame an issue for lasting success, the Empowered Voices Project will provide critically needed support to those at the forefront of grassroots social change.
The Empowered Voices Project is doing this by:

1) increasing media diversity by elevating under-represented voices in the media including women and people of color;

2) providing world class communications and public relations support to key changemakers and grassroots organizations who need it most, at no cost;

3) providing narrative training, content production and campaign strategy to individuals and groups directly impacted by the issues they work on.

Stories told by those impacted by a problem have consistently been shown to be the most effective way to communicate the need for action in a way that motivates others to do something about it.