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The Center for Impact Communications
Increases the impact of changemakers and their campaigns through research, education and amplification.
Our mission
The Center for Impact Communications is a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the impact of social change advocates.

It was founded to establish best practice for impact communications and campaigns, and to amplify the stories of those creating impact in their communities.

By undertaking new research, synthesizing and crystallizing existing practice, and providing critical communications support to underserved communities, the Center is a resource for those wishing to do good in the world through powerful stories.

The CFIC partners with a broad range of research institutions, NGOs, foundations and for-benefit social enterprises and B corporations to advance the mission of social change through more impactful communications, campaigns and partnerships.
We conduct and commission original research to determine what motivates people to act and how messages influence behavior.
We take the knowledge gathered and disseminate information through trainings, resources and events.
We identify under-resourced changemakers, and work to refine their stories and amplify them to the right audiences.

Help increase the impact of changemakers

Your tax-deductible donation will fund programs to increase the impact of those doing social good
Action Center
Knowing that social transformation requires a sustained and resourced effort, it's not simply enough to share best practices: we must make sure changemakers have the capacity to mount a powerful campaign. Sometimes, this is a matter of arming them with the knowledge and tools necessary to empower them to do this themselves. Other times, however, the injection of expert practitioners and extra resources can be the difference in making an impact breakthrough on an issue or campaign. The Center for Impact Communications can provide professional support to campaigns and organizations through our formidable network of experienced communicators, creators and campaigners. Contact us to apply for Action Center support.
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