The Center for Impact Communications evaluates the impact of a message, campaign, theory of change, grant or project.
Our mission is to help find the most impactful way to approach an issue or campaign, and to identify the barriers to impact of a given model of social change.
The Center for Impact Communications is available to measure the impact of your work, or your grantee's work. We are constantly studying and analyzing the latest trends in social change campaigning, and our in-house experts have decades of experience as practitioners in various facets of social change.

The CFIC focus is always on helping achieve long term outcomes through rigorous study and application of the most impactful interventions and messages. This pairs well with an evaluation on the other side of these activities: were your assumptions correct? Did your interventions have the desired effect? Do future activities need to reexamine or tweak the model used so far, or is a comprehensive change required?

What is an 'Impact Audit'?

An Impact Audit is a wholesale examination of the activities, content, messages and interventions conducted in the pursuit of a social change outcome.

It begins with a thorough examination of the long term outcome that the campaign or project was created to achieve, and scrupulously measures the effectiveness of the activities against this vision.

It looks both internally, in terms of what actually happened, and externally, as in what other factors effect impact on this issues, what are others trying to do about it and what have they achieved.

By conducting this 360 degree view internally and externally, a comprehensive picture is created on how to best go about creating the desired social change. A set of recommendations accompany the results to ensure future activities are impact-optimized.

The Center for Impact Communications' mission is to empower those creating campaigns with a purpose to do so more effectively. By providing an 'Impact Audit' of a given campaign or project, The CFIC achieves this mission through targeted interventions that help social campaigns win.

If your organization or foundation is interested in partnering with The Center for Impact Communications on an Impact Audit, contact us.

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Action Center
Knowing that social transformation requires a sustained and resourced effort, it's not simply enough to share best practices: we must make sure changemakers have the capacity to mount a powerful campaign. Sometimes, this is a matter of arming them with the knowledge and tools necessary to empower them to do this themselves. Other times, however, the injection of expert practitioners and extra resources can be the difference in making an impact breakthrough on an issue or campaign. The Center for Impact Communications can provide professional support to campaigns and organizations through our formidable network of experienced communicators, creators and campaigners. Contact us to apply for Action Center support.