Recent projects
Our work is focused on educating and amplifying those working to create positive social impact. Our research is aimed at finding the best way to effectively communicate a cause or campaign, and how to motivate people to act. Contact us to discuss a research project you are interested in.
Empowered Voices Project
The CFIC helps social change leaders capitalize on these opportunities to maximize their impact and win. With a focus on people of color, women, immigrants, the global south, and other marginalized voices, the CFIC lifts up underrepresented voices. We give media profile and a megaphone to those advocating on issues that affect them directly.
ReFrame is a research project working with photographers and advocacy campaigners, to ensure the visual stories told in the media have the right impact rather than causing more harm.
Crime of the Century Podcast

In an effort to promote understanding of the issues surrounding inequality, poverty, injustice, environmental sustainability, human rights, prejudice, animal welfare, and others, the CFIC is flipping the script. Crime of the Century presents these themes as 'whodunnit'-style crime stories. Listeners are drawn in by the compelling stories, but are compelled to action on the broader themes.
Help support these projects and more
We rely on donations to empower changemakers through our CFIC programs. Every little bit helps.